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During the Superbowl, Salesforce pitched to the masses they were going to lead the charge in creating a more sustainable, equitable, and accessible planet. Not shooting for the stars to Mars, like some *unmentionable* CEOs and companies. But creating a better world right down here on Earth.

Salesforce, with the help of brand ambassador Matthew McConaughey, surprised and delighted fans in their first integrated campaign across film, digital, print, and social. 

Before the Big Day, we pinned a manifesto to capture the attention of CEOs in the New York Times. And teased on social leading up to the spot. 

Saleforce is creating a more sustainable future and redefining what that also means in marketing.

Shortlisted for Creative B2B Craft at Cannes.



“Team Earth”
CDs - Paul Nowikowski, Kim Baffi, Joel Wheat
Film - Donald Rusimbi, Lucy Sandwick
Social + Print - Euzcil Castaneto, Sarah Ranney, Mariah Kline