Panda Express

Lunar New Year Experience

Lunar New Year is a 15-day festival celebrated by East Asia and Asian-Americans. But for many Americans, it hasn’t quite reached the appeal that Cinco de Mayo or St. Patrick’s day have achieved. As a cultural ambassador and leader in American Chinese dining experiences, Panda Express is in a prime position to welcome Americans to take part in this colorful celebration.

We saw that it was a challenge to educate the masses about the many traditions that Lunar New Year has to offer. We needed to create something that was appealing and gave people a reason to share, while still maintaining the magic and essence of the holiday.

The result is a 5-room, 6-day experiential event. A multi-sensory installation—from sights, smells, and sounds—enticing guests to learn more about different Lunar New Year traditions.

Each room featured a video or audio clip from people from the Chinese American community sharing their personal Lunar New Year stories to entertain and educate.

The Room of Luck

Attendees stand on podiums that trigger a wind tunnel filled with red envelopes

The Room of Longevity

A long hallway with hundreds of noodles that can be pulled and hooked onto opposite walls—creating an ever-changing, dynamic environment.

The Room of Happiness 

A confetti-filled room with a lion head and playable traditional Chinese drums.

The Room of Prosperity 

 A sea of larger-than-life mandarin oranges.

The Room of Hope

An infinity room of lit lanterns inviting people to participate in the tradition of sending a wish.