In-App Content 

Who remembers the day that they joined Facebook?

For many of us, it’s an anniversary tied to our high school days, trying to sneak onto the platform before we got to college. For others, it’s a fever dream of freshman orientations trying to figure out who our roommates were. For for the rest, it’s an anniversary we’ve most certainly forgotten about.

We were tasked with refreshing Facebook’s Faceversary in-app experience.

With the power of data, we created a hyper-personalized film for billions of people. To honor the Facebook journey of users around the world, we collaborated with Buck Design to develop an experience that takes every single person down their own customized memory lane.

We crafted a narrative that was both personal and universal enough to translate into 48+ languages. We tested two visual versions of this film to measure user sentiment. And we developed a design system as part of a modular library for future personalized films and experiences.


With bespoke numbers highlighting the number of years a user has been a member, our Faceversary film will continue to generate for billions users for years to come.


Sr. Copywriter - Euzcil Castaneto
Role - Sr. Art Director