“The Future Belongs To Those Who Build It”

Innovative Past, Present, & Future

Wall Street Journal Feature

Caterpillar while known for it's heavy machinery, has been an innovator across many industries for over 90 years. Unfortunately, few know that. To showcase their past, present and future of innovation, we partnered with the Wall Street Journal's 'The Current State of Innovation’ for five-part multimedia content series. Each innovation, from mining Mars to thermal smart phones, was crafted into an individual story and brought to life as looping animations on Instagram, milestones on a Facebook Canvas timeline and all together as a brand story in a 60-second video, a full page in the Wall Street Journal and everywhere online.

Innovative Past, Present, and Future

CD - Dave Knoph
Sr. Art Director -  Rafa Cordeiro
Sr. Designer - Sungjoon Hong 
Copywriter - Bryan Dempler
Role - Art Director